Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It takes a village...

... or at least everyone sitting at the airport gate.

But to begin at the beginning:

Saturday morning we're flying out of Love Field to LAX via Southwest Airlines. The Wright Amendment being what it is, we will have to stop along the way (Austin going, El Paso coming back), but we love the ease of Love and we'll be there if we can. So we're sitting at the gate, 'A' boarding passes in hand, watching the people and the staff and occasionally, the activity outdoors. As in, when will our plane get here (it started in Amarillo) and gee, did a piece of luggage just go flying off that baggage cart?

Yes, indeed-y. There, laying in the middle of the tarmac is a red suitcase. I had watched it fly off the back of the second baggage cart as the baggage guy had zoomed out of the building and headed toward the appropriate plane, somewhere in the ether. Another modified go-kart zips by... and he doesn't stop and get it!

Now, I have the attention of the lady standing next to me. We exchange looks and she hustles over to the check-in desk where two employees are chatting. Hearing the situation, one of them says, "I'll get it!" and he scrambles off. Minutes later, we watch him retrieve it, read it, pick up a bit of debris on the tarmac, and hustle off to deliver the bag. Minute later, he's back and someone's vacation has been saved an added layer of frustration.

On second thought, maybe I just ought to write a letter to Southwest and let them know the caliber of their employees (at least one of them) is not overstated.

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