Monday, June 29, 2009

Two wet little kittens

And one very smart one.

The three little kittens have been hiding under my husband's pick-up. I've watched them climb into the wheel wells and onto the under chassis. This was obviously not going to do when he drove to work this morning.

Crossing the back yard to get to the truck, we spotted two of the kittens. Adventurous gray was only mildly alarmed by our appearance on the patio. Her sister calico was incensed and bounded under the pick-up and into its undercarriage. Well, now. A problem for sure.

My husband unlocked the truck. No movement. Started the engine. I cringed, but no movement. Started slowly backing up. Now I was nervous, but no cats and no cat parts.

What were we going to do? We knew at least one of them was under there. Their mother in the meantime had hied off into the bushes with Mark, neighborhood daddy to all. (Mark is on my most-wanted list.)

Husband suggested squirting water under the truck and while he watched (he was dressed for work after all), I proceeded to lambast the tires and metal with the water hose. It didn't take long for the one with the yellow stripe nose to scramble to dry ground. That was reassuring, but the calico was still under there. A few more bursts of water and she too appeared, disappearing with her sister in the direction of their mother (doubt they were welcome).

Gray watched on from her tucked-paws position on the patio. Wary of me, but dry. This will be a cat to be reckoned with just as soon as I can catch her.



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