Saturday, December 23, 2006


A restaurant review.

Not that I'm a restaurant reviewer, per se, but I know what I like and I'm willing to share good news with anyone who'll listen. Or read, as the case may be.

And Central214 in the Hotel Palomar in Dallas is good news. We wanted to share a meal with our sons and their wives and asked the girls to pick a place we'd not been. Based on the good news they'd been hearing, they suggested here. It was convenient to both of them and I made reservations for Friday evening.

Some restaurants seem to thrive on self-importance. Even arriving on time with a reservation will have you waiting until you can be seated. So arriving 10 minutes early with only half the party made me wary to begin with. But it was no problem as we were led to our table set for 7, the number in our party. There wasn't any of this pulling the 8th place setting off in a huff. 7 it was. We had been expected. When the rest arrived, our drink orders had already been taken, but someone was prompt to get them caught up with us.

When I ordered a salad, I was told it was big enough to split. I found a partner for grilled Romaine (it was good, although I don't know that I can try this at home). A large portion was put in front of me and I was told that was indeed, half. Thank you, I couldn't have eaten it all and had room for the entree.

Hanger steak must be the beef cut du jour because I've never heard of it before and all of sudden it's all around me. Steak-eater that I am, I tried it, as did several others, and it was melt in your mouth. The other entrees also received thumbs up, especially the rotisserie chicken.

The wine list was not overwhelming and the prices varied, something for everyone. If I have a quibble, it would be that I have had a better Bloody Mary. But that's my particular mission: sampling Blood Marys at each restaurant. This one would be in the top half, but I'd order something different next time.

The table shared 3 of the desserts. I don't know that there was a favorite, but the cannoli was very good.

Go back? You bet! Recommend it?

I just did.


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