Tuesday, November 14, 2006

While we're on the subject...

... of smells, I'll put forth this one.

I don't know what secret chemical is in Friskies dry cat food, but it's a goodie. My housecats are on a special diet. Have been on a special diet since they were a year old. Not enough activity in their housebound lives and so they were growing beyond their potential. The low-calorie stuff was replaced last spring with special urinary tract health food so Tuxedo would not have any more kidney issues. Unbelievably, they both gained even more weight.

On the other hand, I also have an outside cat, a "garden" cat, if you will. She started life as a stray across the street and gradually moved her base of operations to my side yard. She was scrawny and ill-kempt, as only a female cat who seemed to be in constant heat can be. It took me two months, but I trapped her, had her spayed, and adopted her. She has finally, after a year, adopted me. Sometimes, I can stroke her back. She doesn't get special food, just what I have a coupon for. This she must share (because she won't fight) with every stray in the neighborhood who has figured out where the easy meal is. So I go through a lot of her food.

It comes into this house just like the urinary food, in a sealed package. But my cats follow it from the minute it enters the front door to its place in the pantry. Once the door is closed, they seem to forget about it. But just this morning, I removed a package of her food and opened it. Two heretofore sound asleep cats--asleep upstairs and I'm down--are immediately at my feet! What is in this stuff? I can't smell anything beyond dry cat food, but it must be kitty ambrosia.

I give them half a handful to keep them happy, but I am in awe of the olfactory researchers at Purina who have pulled this off.
Way to go, guys. Now we need to put them to work on how to get teenagers to clean up their rooms because of the smell.

Oh, wait. We already do that!


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