Thursday, December 14, 2006

Coming out of the Christmas closet

We'll begin with this: This is not a complaint. Not. Not. Not. I love warm weather and long days of sunshine. But it's December, the highs this week are nearing 80, and while the shortest day of the year approaches, we're more comfortable in sandals and capris.

Which is a long way round of saying I can't wear my Christmas clothes yet. I have a sweater with Christmas kittens and jingles (belling the cat?), several vests, a broomstick skirt (okay, I can wear that if I don't mind parading snowmen while my ice cream melts), a long jumper-dress, and a long-sleeve pullover tee made of something fuzzy. I buy these things (except the kitten sweater, I swear it called to me across a crowded store 10 years ago) when the season is ended and they all go on sale. I wear them for years. They last for two reasons: they're worn for only a month and they're not worn every year because we invariably get a warm spell.

Better than a cold spell.

But I hear that's coming. Next week will be more seasonable and I can crack out some of the clothes to go with my Christmas jewelry which is currently looking really strange with my sandals and capris.


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