Sunday, November 19, 2006

Why you'll see Casino Royale twice

It's not that I'm proposing doubling director Martin Campbell's take on the new Casino Royale by us all lining up twice for a ticket, but I'm thinking you'll see it twice anyway.

My reasoning:
The first time through you'll spend an hour putting Daniel Craig in as Bond. Not only does he not look like our tall, dark (excepting R Moore), and handsome iconic figure, he doesn't act like him. He's not cocksure. He's vulnerable. He pouts! He's pre-Bond.

About halfway through, you can accept this as not just the prequel it is but as a fresh start. We've been Bond-ing for over 40 years. Everyone needs a fresh start, even if Dame Judi Dench is back as M. No messing with a winning combo here.

It's a long movie. Stay away from the concession stand unless you want to waste a crucial 5 minutes on a trip to the facilities. There was more up-and-downing at this show than I've seen since a kid's flick. (And trust me on this, 4 pm on Friday in a small town, is an adult, albeit somewhat senior, crowd.) I hate getting up in the middle of a movie and even I was moved to leave about 5 minutes before it was over. I made it back for the denouement, but I wish I hadn't missed any. Therefore, a second viewing is in order, and I won't be drinking anything.

The second time you see it, you'll know what's coming. You can relax with the new James Bond, watch for the details. Admire the Astin Martin. Grin at the heroine's name.

And, yes, look for Moneypenny.

You were warned.


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