Friday, February 20, 2015

February Round Robin: The Old Bucket List

I've never had a written Bucket List. Nothing written down, just things I'd like to accomplish. OTOH, I think a Bucket List ought to be doable. I think space travel is cool and wonderful and wouldn't it be beyond dreams to see the Earth from scads of miles above, but… let's face it. Not going to happen for me. Not realistic. Not doable.

I had always wanted my own large vegetable garden and 35 years ago, when we moved to the house we still have, I got it. A large plot plowed and seed scattered. It worked for several years, but eventually we needed a basketball court for the sons and then a smaller driveway for their vehicles and then… no more garden.

I'd love to be a NYTimes best-selling author. Now, this is doable, if I knew how to write what the public wants to buy. And buy. And buy. Alas, I have yet to meet my market niche. But I enjoy writing and I keep at it. How does that go? A writer can't not write?

But the verbal Bucket List now consists of mainly travel. Always wanted to go to Australia. I've been twice. New Zealand. You bet! Cross Canada, Halifax to Vancouver, by train. Been there, done that. Don't know many people who have, although I'm sure the numbers are legion. Go around the world? Got it on the schedule. See Iceland? The Antarctic? The NorthWest Passage--small ships cruise there now. Doable!

(And why, as a warm weather girl, I want to go to places full of ice and snow, I haven't a clue. They intrigue me, I suppose. And no one else I know has done it.)

And writing of cold things to do, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has always fascinated. We sit glued to the TV, watching these beautiful canines at the top of their breed. The spaniels, in all their forms, are our favorites. We'd liked to go someday. The problem? It's in New York City. In February. I'm much more inclined to try the Antarctic.

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At 12:44 PM CST, Blogger Rhobin Lee Courtright said...

Would love to take the train across Canada, would also like to drive US Hwy 2, the northern most US highway. The more I read about others' desires, the more I add to my list.

At 1:54 PM CST, Blogger darkwriter said...

Love your list, Kay, even if you don't have it written down. Some of the places sound great, but Iceland and Antarctica - a little to cold for my blood.

At 2:02 PM CST, Blogger Diane said...

Those are great, Kay. While I've traveled across Canada a few times, it's never been by land, only air. I'd love to take the train sometime!

At 6:15 PM CST, Blogger Victoria Chatham said...

The train trip sounds great. I don't think I'd do Iceland and Antarctica, Canada's cold enough for me. If you enjoy watching the Westminster Kennel Club show, have you ever seen the movie Best In Show?

At 7:22 PM CST, Blogger said...

Kay i like flexible bucket lists too and as long as I get to do some of the things on mine, I'm happy.



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