Friday, February 13, 2015

A lesson in never giving up

Or stubbornness. Or I-paid-for-you-now-bloom-darn-it!

Before Christmas, I saw a display of amaryllis bulbs at a local store. I've grown amaryllis for years but as I hadn't purchased any yet, I bought two. I hoped to give one as a Christmas gift. Dutifully, I potted them up, added water and set in the sun.

Almost immediately, one sent up a leaf. Good sign. The other… nothing. Then another leaf. The other… nothing. And so it went, past Christmas, with one a beautiful green and the other… nothing. Obviously, no Christmas gift here.

I almost threw the bare one into the trash, but I held on. Besides, the leafy one just had leaves. I gently separated them and in the middle was the beginning of a bloom stalk. And that's where it still is--hidden, surrounded by long, overgrown leaves.

And the bare one? Finally, the end of January, it put up a bloom stalk. Then a few leaves. And this week, my patience or stubbornness (whatever) was rewarded with four beautiful blooms. Alas, it's also quite heavy and I came home this afternoon to find it toppled. I've righted it and balanced it against the kitchen cabinet, but this photo shows all its potential.

As in, never give up!


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