Friday, January 02, 2015

A New Year--A New Book Arrives!

Yesterday I successfully loaded Ron's Run, the fourth book in my Bone Cold--Alive series, to Amazon Kindle. I'll do a CreateSpace file as soon as the cover artist tweaks the spine of the print pdf.

The back cover copy:

"Guilt drives him away…

Drummer Ron Gregory isn't responsible for the tragedy which encompasses his family when he's a teen, but they make him feel like he is. He runs away… to New Orleans, to gambling, to a life of irresponsibility. It's a sorry combination, easy living and bad luck. Now he's broke, in danger, and hiding at band manager Levi Fletcher's Texas cabin.

She shouldn't feel guilty…

British fashion photographer Bettina Montgomery is shocked to learn that her biological father is Levi Fletcher. Temptation may drive her to his cabin, but her quick reflexes give her the photo of a lifetime: a nude Ron Gregory! She won't give it up until he straightens out his life, even if that means risking her heart all across Texas.

Which will be surrendered first: the photo, her secret, or the end of Ron's Run?"

This book can stand alone in the series. I mention the other characters, and of course if you've read the first three you'll have ALL the background, but I think this one works well on its own.

Take a look! Here's the cover:


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