Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ian's Image now available!

Ian's Image, the 5th book in my Bone Cold--Alive series is now available for Kindle. I'll have it up on Nook and for purchase as a print edition via CreateSpace in a few days.

The back cover:

"He should have been a concert violinist...

Ian Murray shucks the McMurray name the night he leaves Portland, Maine, and his family. His dreams weren't theirs. He may return periodically, but they never acknowledge what he's become, a top musician in the top rock band. He may have made a fortune, but money can't buy the one thing he longs for.

She was never his equal…

Bostonian cellist Phillipa Gray envied Johnny McMurray his talent on the violin, the way his music teased her on her summer trips to her grandmother's. Their families drove them apart once, but when she hears the sweetness of his strings again, the years fall away.

Life isn't fair and sometimes the time isn't right. Can they look beyond Ian's image, not to the way it once was but the way it should have been all along?"

Ian, aka Johnny McMurray, and Phillipa,aka The Princess Next Door, have a rocky past. They're drawn together like bees and honey but neither his family nor hers thinks the other is worthy. But when circumstances bring them back together one summer night it's all they can do to stay away from each other--and then it's all they can do to stay together.


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