Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Coincidence or sign of good things to come?

I'm in the middle of editing another book. I wrote it several years ago, but it was never published. Technology and my voice change and I'm trying to bring it up to date in both.

It's a romantic suspense, heavy on the romance, light on the suspense, set in West Texas on a ranch. There are two feuding families, the Cummings and the McLeods.

Not the most common of names, I'll grant. I pulled Cummings out of the air and McLeod is a tip of the hat to a friend of ours.

So last week, the exterminator was at the house for the quarterly hunt-and-destroy of all things 6-legged. His surname, which I had never known: Cummings. I'm at a flea market and there was a sign, whether for sale or the name of the booth, I don't know: McLeod Station.

Coincidence? A sign that maybe the book is going to be okay?

Don't know. Maybe it doesn't matter. But I know how I'd like it to be.


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