Monday, December 03, 2012

On Selling to Woman's World Magazine

I was going to start a day-to-day series for the Christmas Season detailing my somewhat extensive reindeer collection. I meant to start on Dec 1, but as the reindeer were barely out of the attic and certainly not photographed, that didn't happen. So yesterday I lined them up, a la school photo fashion, and snapped! They are all on the computer and just awaiting their day on the internet and it was going to start today and then...

I got a letter and a contract and I SOLD A SHORT ROMANCE TO WOMAN'S WORLD MAGAZINE!

I've been submitting for two years. My goal was one/month, but I haven't met that lately. However, I did send in two in July and this is one of them.

The current title (and they may change it) is THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME. It'll be on sale January 3, which I think means it's in the January 14 issue.

Yeah, me!


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