Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Received without contents"

I think the postal service has a sense of humor and here's why.

A bit of background: Have you ever received a piece of mail in a ziploc baggie? One supplied by the postal service with a small label attached and three choices given for why you're receiving your mail in such a disorganized way? The choices are "received unsealed", "received damaged," and "received without contents."

I don't very often receive such mail and when I do I rarely find it humorous, but this week's offering took the cake.

I received the BACK page of a catalog. That's it. The part that had my name and address. Attached to it was the familiar little label with two boxes checked, the damaged one and the without contents one. Oh, it was very damaged, this thin little piece of paper, and sure enough! There weren't any contents!

I'm tempted to put it in an envelope, seal it very well, and send it back to the catalog company. Surely they want to know this? But then, at the very bottom of the page I did receive is the notice to Please Recycle.

But then, the post office has already done that for me.


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