Monday, November 12, 2012

The real Bond girl

We saw Skyfall over the weekend, the new Bond movie, and if you haven't seen it, don't read on. Here there be spoilers.

We really loved the movie's homage to the Bond film legacy and its re-start of such by giving us a background view of the Moneypenny relationship. Quite clever. Sensed what was coming maybe 10 seconds before it came and enjoyed it the more for the quick guess.

The new "Bond girl", Berenice Mariohe, is a beauty and undoubtedly worthy of the name and her place in the line, but after seeing Skyfall, I think the honor of being this movie's Bond girl goes to Dame Judi Dench. She's the one Bond is closest to; she's the one he grieves. She has far more screen time than Ms. Mariohe, whose time really does seem a bit compressed, although when she's there, well, she's there.

So, I nominate Judi Dench for the latest Bond girl accolades. What do you think of that?


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