Sunday, November 04, 2012

It's a pecan time of year

Lore has it that every third year should be an outstanding pecan crop. Given our severe summers/winters over the last four or five years, we've not really had one. But this year, they're ba-ack!

I spent over an hour this afternoon sitting in the grass or gravel scooping up mid-size pecans. Over 14 pounds. I'll add these to the 24 already picked "on the halves" for me by local gentlemen.

And there are more out there. As if taunting me, the tree would rustle and drop pecans where I'd just picked! I'd hear them hit the driveway or pile of leaves and think: Can't you drop them where I am, not where I've been?

Then I'd remember the squirrel in the backyard several years ago who took exception to a table of mah-jongg players on the patio. The little rascal dropped pecans on their heads!

I guess I could have a sore head instead of tired knees.


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