Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to lose your clientele

I'm a loyal person. I find what I like and I stick to it whether it's paper towels, tissue, canned nuts, or restaurants.

Guess which one is the subject of this post?

Sunday morning we were meeting our sons and their families at a hotel restaurant at 11 for brunch. We've eaten there several times before, both for breakfast and dinner, and our children frequent the place for both business and pleasure. We've always liked the food, the service, and the value.

Don't know about the sons, but there are two people who won't be back.

How to lose loyal clientele:

1. Serve cold coffee at 11 AM. The breakfast menus had been handed out. It's a given we're interested in breakfast. Is there no hot coffee?

2. Don't ask if we want cream. We'll just get up and help ourselves to what's left on the next table.

3. When asked for a lunch menu, only provide two for the 6 adults. Much scrambling ensued.

4. Wonderful, hot thick specialty french fries ordered. Malt vinegar asked for and received. Then why take it away when two of the entrees come with more fries? Easier to get up and retrieve than ask for.

5. Two people order quiche. It was cold. Now, it's their fault for not hauling over the manager at this point. I, myself, had a cheeseburger. I have no complaints except

6. when I asked for mayonnaise, I received my daughter-in-law's Caesar dressing. Which, of course, she had not received. I had already stuck my finger in it to taste it. Bless her heart, she figured that at 11 in the morning my finger had not been anywhere it shouldn't've been in public.

7. The bill was adjusted for the quiches without us having to ask, but then, I'll not be back.


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