Monday, November 29, 2010

An Angel goes AWOL

We've all seen our special angels go AWOL, or at the very least take a walkabout. Their timing is always guaranteed to frustrate the rest of us. This weekend at our family Thanksgiving rent-a-house-get-away-together time, grandson Jack wasn't feeling well. HIs ear hurt and his throat; his medicine hadn't kicked in sufficiently for his angelic presence to be always with us. Oh, he'd have his moments of glee, but then they'd go away. Today, Jack is on the road to recovery and his angel will be back in residence shortly.

But that's not the type of angel I'm writing about, although it makes an interesting aside. The Christmas boxes are hauled down from the attic and the living room looks like we're preparing for a major move. This, even after we took several boxes to the second hand store last Tuesday.

Last night I started decorating the tree, first putting up our special ornaments which aren't stored in the attic and which get pride of place. I worked for over 2 hours but at the end of that time, I still hadn't found our Christmas tree topper angel.

She was a gift perhaps 20 years ago. She's crocheted and stiffened with a glue compound which was popular to do then. I even tried it, but my snowflakes never stiffened sufficiently. But this angel was great! She's topped our tree ever since. But this year, she's AWOL.

I did cursory searches in boxes I thought we might have tucked her into for safe keeping. No, not there. Today, as I search through the rest, perhaps I'll find her, find that she's merely walkabout.

Otherwise, we'll have a bare-topped Christmas tree.

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