Thursday, October 28, 2010

Where does time fly to?

It's been a week since I posted. A week! Where did that week go?

My car had been in the shop and I had to return the rental and retrieve mine. We went to a play. Out to dinner. I drove into Dallas for a romance writers' meeting and then had lunch with the daughters-in-law and the grandest grandbabies--except they're growing up--drove home in an awful storm. Went to a wedding and a wonderful dinner/reception afterwards. Church. Jury panel call which took Monday morning but I wasn't chosen. Visited with my sister-in-law on her birthday. Tended to my dad's business Tuesday. Fantastic wine dinner in Dallas and spent the night last night. Home by 7:15 AM. (Quick night!) Fixed lunch. Played bridge. Have to watch the Rangers in Game 2 tonight.

And that's not counting cooking and laundry and a bit of gardening to make sure nothing dies before its time. Tomorrow is Canton Trade Days which I haven't been to since, probably, April. Fixing dinner Saturday night for friends. Breakfast at church Sunday.

I think I see my time flying. Wish I could catch it. Circle it up. Save it for days when I'm rushed. All those lazy afternoons of childhood spent doing basically nothing... I should have been bottling up the time so I could take it out now and enjoy it. Then again, perhaps the lesson is to enjoy the time as you go along, even if it is flying.



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