Saturday, October 09, 2010

The clothes basket

Growing up, my mother had several clothes baskets where we'd either collect the dirty clothes or dump the clean ones from the dryer. They were round and invariably avocado green. In fact, when I closed up my parents' house, I kept one. Round. Green.

My clothes basket is beige and rectangular. I find it holds more that way. And besides, it's usefulness increases with that shape.

This morning, I used it to take pies to a bazaar. Two pies fit on the bottom and since they were pecan pies, I could balance two cooling racks atop them. Then two more pies. They rode stably in the back of my car. I take casseroles to dinner/luncheon parties in my clothes basket. Towel in bottom, casserole next, wrap towel around. I'll ferry stuff up and down the stairs and out to the garage in my basket.

All this extra-curricular (for a clothes basket) activity might explain why one side handle decided to break. I wrapped strapping tape about it and it has held on for another year. It is now flexing, so I either need to add more tape or get a new basket.


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