Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cherry Pitter Strike

I have a love of cherry pitters, probably because I love the dark sweet cherries we're blessed with every summer. I make a great sweet cherry pie. Alas, the pits have to be gone first, so I've bought and discarded (figuratively, not literally) at least half a dozen cherry pitters. I thought I'd bought my final one, the Oxo cherry/olive pitter, when I saw this in a catalog.

What a dilemma. It's only $14.99 plus s/h, of course. It's not a matter of money, it's a matter of too good to be true. It pits four at once? Really? I'd love to see it in person so I suppose I'll start haunting the kitchen gadget sections of stores again.

And then, like by magic, I'm searching the Bed, Bath and Beyond site for the Oxo and there's the Progressive Cherry-It Pitter!

I am so there! And you can be too. Watch the demo video. I do think she overdoes the traditional pitter's mess, or maybe I've just pitted so many, I've become accomplished at it (roll your eyes), but the idea of not having to have cherry-black fingertips is grand.

So, I'll buy the pitter, then I'll have to buy some cherries. New toy. Have to check it out.

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