Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good luck getting this back

In August, my food processor bowl broke doing charity work for the library Pumpkin Patch sale which was held this past Saturday. On the good news front, we sold all 100 jars of the red pepper relish said food processor was being used to make.

On the bad news front, it looked like it would cost as much--or more!--to replace just the bowl via eBay than it would to buy a new food processor. On the worst news front, my local Big Box no longer carried food processors. Juicers, yes. Traditional food processors, no.

It's not that I use it all that often, but when you need it, you need it.

My daughter-in-law Mary took pity on me. They'd received a lovely Kitchenaid food processor as a wedding gift and she had barely used it, preferring instead the little chopper she had. So she "loaned" it to me.

Heeheehee. I used it today and it was a champ. Maybe there is something to getting what you paid for. Or what someone paid for. This was not a cheap machine and it performed without a wiggle.

Good luck getting this back, girlfriend.

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