Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The chaos that is my closet

It's that time of year again, when fall starts showing up, but summer lingers. Same thing happens in March/April, just in reverse. So while I have put away my white slacks, the rest of my closet looks like a second-hand store in need of rearrangement.

It's cold in the mornings, so a jacket has appeared on the hall tree. I've put away my sandals--except I needed them this afternoon. All my tanks are where they've been since May, but now my 3/4 sleeved blouses and tee shirts are beside them. I bought a new pair of jeans today--and a thin summery skirt. Things are getting crowded.

My closet will have a dual personality for a month, then I'll gut it up and decide that it's not going to be warm any more and "move the closet."

That usually guarantees a warm Thanksgiving.

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