Thursday, August 12, 2010

My own personal hornworm

That's right. I found number 2. You may have to look closely at the photo but he has white stripes and is curling downward on the right side. If you look REAL close, you can see the brown spike on his tail end which gives him his designation.

I noticed this morning that, despite my watering them every morning, my tomato plants in a bag looked a bit wilted. There were many sagging brown leaves, particularly near the bottom. Could it have something to do with nearly two weeks of over-100 degree days? In order to find out, I needed to clear up the brown. In doing so, I found my own hornworm.

I've had him in a jar for only a few hours and he has already eaten through a good deal of the tender little leaves I granted him. He'd better spin himself something fast because my patience goes just so far in taking good leaves off my plants in the interest of science. And, let's face it, his future doesn't exactly look bright anyway.

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