Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thoughts from the road

We're on the road for a few days and random thoughts appear:

Really? Talking on your phone while on the treadmill? And not being out of breath while running? That's disgusting to those of us who are walking and not able to do the same.

And why are the gym hours posted as 6 AM to 10 PM and it's 5:45 and the two of the three treadmills are already in use? Guess we just post hours because... can't think why.

We're on the fourth set of electronic keys to our room. Four. Count them. Have to have them in the elevator too. Keep getting red and yellow lights on the door, not a green one. Engineering is so not in love with us.

Trusted Google/iPad to get us somewhere and we missed the road (not its fault) but then it had us at the wrong Grand Avenue... Never trust. I know better. Got it straightened out with a phone call. Nice lady at the museum had heard it all before.

To top it off, I got distracted and forgot to pack any earrings and necklaces and have been without for three days now. Shopping. I have got to go shopping. I mean, how distracted can you get to not pack jewelry? Well, I know the answer to that now.

Having a grand time.

Wish you were here,

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