Friday, July 16, 2010

My friends start businesses: Shameless promo follows

Just this morning I found out about the business ventures of two of my friends and I thought what better way to congratulate them than to shamelessly promote them on my blog.

First, Patty Kreider, talented artist extraordinaire. I have two of her oil paintings and two pieces of her wonderful eclectic jewelry. Now she's opened shop at I feel a third piece of jewelry coming on. I just have to choose before someone else does.

Secondly, Jan Allen has started her own salsa business, Bug Tussle Burn. The article on the North Texas e-News this morning has a great history of Bug Tussle (yes, it really exists) and where to find her salsa. Have a look!

Best wishes to both these talented and determined women!

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At 4:03 PM CDT, Blogger Bugtussle Burn said...

Hi Kay-
Thank you for mentioning Bugtussle Burn salsa. We are going to be at the State Fair-selling in the GoTexan country store! We've been learning so much & having a great time with this new venture-as well as meeting some wonderful folks. By the way-when it comes to talented women-you, my dear, are way ahead of the pack! Jan


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