Monday, August 02, 2010

I know where your grandmother's kitchen is

Short answer: central Missouri.

During our three day stay in the Missouri wine country centered in Hermann, we branched out for day tours. Old St. Charles is reminiscent of Williamsburg. The Missouri wine country isn't exactly Napa, but we managed to find some excellent samplings.

Saturday we went to a postcard show in Columbia. My husband was a good sport about stopping at antique malls (if he got a gold star in his crown for every one we visited, he couldn't raise his head) and I have never seen so much 1950s glassware, dishes, kitchenware. It was, to put it succinctly, wonderful! How did all this stuff escape the families? Oh, I guess if you grow up with it, you find it old-fashioned and useless. I was fascinated, and I did grow up with it.

Next time you want a blast of the past, may I recommend the antique malls which dot I-70 near Columbia. I can hardly wait for my next reason to tour.

Oh--as to the postcard show--we finally had to stop the meandering and get there before it closed. And yes, I found a card I didn't have and that's hard to do with the depth of my collection.

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