Monday, July 12, 2010

Tomato'd out

Update on our three plants:

The Topsy-Turvy is yellowing and some leaves are dying. I trimmed it up this morning because there's still a green branch or two. It has a few little tomatoes, but I think I'll get rid of them and let the plant rest. I don't think they'll develop into tasty fruit. Without having to develop fruit, perhaps the plant can last until fall.

The Big/Better Boys in the tomato bags are still going strong--or at least they're still growing. I keep pinching the suckers off. There are blooms and some small tomatoes. I'll leave them and see what the plants do. Again, we hope to keep them alive until fall.

I make a great (to me) green tomato mincemeat. If all else fails, I'll hope for a few of those come October.

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