Sunday, June 13, 2010

Who was wearing those fantastic shoes?

In a steak restaurant last night, not high end, but nice with good service and food, and as we're leaving, I head to the ladies' room. Two stalls, one occupied and in I go to the other. Purse on floor, there must not have been a hanger, and whoa!--look at the shoes in the other stall!

Four inch wood stack heels. Sandals in a blue and green print, probably floral if you saw the whole cloth. Toe nails Frenched. Ankles slim. Tattoo on the top of one foot.

What goes with the rest of this?

Alas, I'm out first and hanging around a ladies' room just isn't done, no matter the curiosity, especially when the other half of my party is already waiting for me.

So, I'll just have to use my imagination about the wearer of the great shoes.

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