Friday, May 28, 2010

Not with my printer, you don't!

So the big girls in the family are going to see Wicked during the Dallas Summer Musicals. The big boys didn't want to be left out of an adventure, but they didn't want to see Wicked either. Conveniently, there's a Texas Rangers game at the same time. Now, the big boys are going to have to take granddaughter and grandson to the game, since they're obviously too young for the musical, but that appears to be just fine. I'm sure comeuppance will be down the line in a few years.

Now begins our tale.

The ticket site for the Rangers is a bit cumbersome, but I'm sure they've heard that before. Nonetheless, we found five seats--big boy number one doesn't want to have to have a child in his lap all/part of the game, but he probably will--that might not have the sun in the eyes all afternoon. Just as an aside, tickets to major league games are not cheap.

So it comes time to pay out. Onto each ticket is a $3.75 seat charge and then there's one for $2 added on to the parking pass. Fine. This I expect. But the kicker comes in how one's to get the tickets: mail or print yourself.

I have no objection to printing my own tickets. Been there. Done that. But it was never going to cost me to do so. $2.50. And that's where I drew the line and checked the box for them to mail them.

Postage cost: 50 cents.

I say no more.

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