Monday, May 17, 2010

iPad and me

It's probably not the wisest move to buy the iPad, sit for an hour in the store to get it synced up to iTunes (I was greedy and wanted a LOT of photos transferred and I wanted backup if something went wrong), and then head out of town. That, of course, is exactly what we did.

So my iPad and I spent our first days together in a hotel with free, but uncertain/sluggish wifi. I was so disgusted with it by Saturday afternoon, that I went downstairs, sat near the business center, and signed up for the 250MB 3G service. While I'm not particularly afraid of running out of MBs since we don't have 3G service here, I will watch my usage.

Now at home, I have wifi, so I should, according to this article on this morning, just turn the cellular data switch to off. I think I'll do that when I switch it on in order to read the USA Today which I downloaded yesterday afternoon sitting just feet from my modem and seeing a full set of bars.

Obviously, I have much to do to get iPad the way I want it. First off, I need a name for her, then I need to make her a little sleeve to wear while in my purse. Which, btw, I had to buy a new one of in order to accommodate her. And Apple is out of their covers which I was going to buy. Now, they had them the day I ordered the iPad, but there must have been one heck of a rush in the intervening week since the guy at the Apple Houston store told me they were backordered for a month. I did purchase a little molded cover for her back, but she needs something to protect her front.

An iPad's owner's work is never done.

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