Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A "1-Click" lesson

Anxious to use my iPad as an ereader, and desiring lots of choices (sorry, Apple iBookstore, get me loads of romance novels and I'll be back), I downloaded the Kindle App for iPad. I'd already explored the site and decided on my book choice, an Australian novel not readily available here, or at least, not in my small town world--and won't I be surprised if it's featured at the local Big Box--but that's not the story.

It was way too easy. 'Want this one?' 'Yes, I do.' And I hit "1-click", something I never do on the real Amazon site. Next screen: 'Pick where you want it d/l'ed.' I did. Zip, zip, zip--it was there!

To back up a minute, I'd hunted down an Amazon gift card for myself, so I could debit my purchases by gift card like I do iTunes. I hadn't been asked to enter any numbers. So, maybe it was just a sample on my iPad?

Nope. "Turning" pages revealed I had it all. Back to the store, find my account, and it's been billed to my credit card on record.

Now, that's fast. That was 1-click too easy.

So now I have a gift card and a take-home lesson.

And a book to read.

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