Saturday, June 05, 2010

What scanner?

In order to get the iPad, I had to upgrade my operating system. The one available was 10.6 and I am now running on it. One of the perks was its built-in ability to recognize my printer and therefore, I didn't have to install drivers, etc.

Well, I have rocked along for about a month like this and everything has been peachy. Then I wanted to scan a new postcard and my computer suddenly cannot find my scanner.

Hmmm. Same place it's always been: built into the printer.

"Help" is no help, either the printer's or the computer's. I go to the printer manufacturer site and start digging through the scan problems. Long story short, while the new OS installs the printer drivers, it doesn't install the scan software. Want to scan? Uninstall, reinstall the real version. Or, there's the workarounds.

Now we're talking. I don't want to uninstall/install. I want to scan a postcard.

Workaround number one involves the Mac's Print Preview application. Who knew? Worked like a charm.

Then the site wanted to know if its info was helpful. Certainly, but here's my comment: Why not put this as an "alert" on the front page next to the Vista alert about the same problem?

Of course, they don't answer comments, but maybe they do read them. As for me, I printed off the workaround and tucked it away. Now if I can just find it the next time I need to scan... Oh--hold it! It'll be on the website troubleshooting front page. I just know it will.

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