Friday, May 07, 2010

The Fortune-less Fortune Cookie

In a word: bummer.

At the mall to update and upgrade my MacBook from OS Tiger to OS Snow Leopard, and afraid to do it on my own, I'd spent nearly three hours semi-occupying a young man's time while the computer did all the work. I played with the iPad, the reason for doing this update, and studied its accessories. The fact that one cannot have an iPad on a Mac unless one is running OS 10.5 somewhat irked me, but I bit the bullet and laid down my money, and that was that. Now the fact that I don't have an iPad because they're out of them is annoying.

Take a deep breath. Get back to the subject line.

So I eat at the Food Court. I've had the quickie Chinese entries before and they're adequate and I was hungry. And there was a fortune cookie on top!

Except when I opened it, no fortune. I felt a bit like the characters on Flash Forward, the ABC show where if you didn't have a vision during the worldwide blackout, you didn't have a future. Did I not have a fortune?

I was tempted to go ask for another, but really, what if it were empty too? So I crunched my cookie and was confident that it had far fewer calories than the offerings of the ice cream place behind me. Nothing like a little righteous indignation to set one on the dietary track.

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