Thursday, April 29, 2010

A neat coffee trick

So I'm at the salon awaiting my mani-pedi (trying gel-based polish on the fingernails, supposed to last 3 weeks, will let you know) and there's coffee brewed. It is thin enough to read the paper through. Yuck! I'm about to pass it by when a woman walks up, apprises the situation, and teaches me a new trick.

She took the basket of wet grounds, scooped two fresh tablespoons of coffee into it, and poured the thin coffee through into her cup. And just like that, strong coffee. See one, do one, teach one. I followed suit. Had never thought of doing that before.

So, if you make weak coffee and I'm at your house, you'd better hide the fresh grounds.

And this, a column about one of my favorite things--coffee--is my 500th! Hard to believe, but then since I started in Aug 2006, that's a more than reasonable number. I need to write more.

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