Friday, April 23, 2010

A short trip down technology lane

In 1989, my husband decided to videotape his fellow Rotarians making predictions for the next 10 years. He used our rather large video VHS camera. Ten years later, he showed this time piece, everyone had a good laugh (the best prediction had been the price of a Chevy pick-up) and he taped again.

The technology had changed. We had a new camera. Instead of a VHS tape, he used a VHS-C. In order to view our many VHS-Cs we had to buy an adapter which was the size of a VHS tape. The most accurate prediction of the 1999 tape was the price of a first-class postage stamp at 42 cents, only off by 2 cents.

We hid these treasures so well it took a day or two to find them when it was once again time to dust them off. However, the adapter had corroded for some inexplicable reason, so we had to find a new one. This was not particularly easy, but $30 later, was accomplished.

But, once again, technology has marched on, and we have a new video camera, acquired with the advent of the first grandchild. We don't need adapters for the little DV-video tape, just plug it into the DVD recorder we bought to convert all existing tapes over to the new(er) technology.

That is how I spent a portion of my yesterday afternoon, converting all three onto one DVD tape. Then we separated them into two spaces, DVD at the house, all video tapes elsewhere, and we're ready for 2020 as long as we can find a machine which will play DVDs.

Providing, we escape the 2012 Mayan meltdown. Personally, I think they ran out of stone.

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