Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Desperation wins the day

I headed off this morning for a round of shopping and running errands plus a brow appointment and didn't take a book to read. I'd finished the latest Pamela Morsi and checked the tightness of my schedule and decided I didn't need to find a new one from my TBR pile. Then the awful thing happened: I finished my errands pre-appointment and had time on my hands.

Oh, no! I'd have to sit in the lobby and hope there was a reasonable magazine to view. Unconscionable with a Half-Price Books half a block away. So I scurried in.

And bless 'em, they had a dollar rack at the door! There was a favorite historical author's older book, one I'd managed to skip, right there. For a dollar. I grabbed it, paid for it, and sat in the lobby long enough to read almost all the first chapter.

Whew! Relief!

Now I'm hooked. I read through lunch. Slurp egg drop soup, read. Slurp, read. I read while waiting for a friend.

My name is Kay and I'm addicted to books.

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