Friday, August 07, 2009

Kay & Kay

The Wall Street Journal had an article yesterday about professionally printed make-your-own cookbooks. I haven't checked out the websites yet, but I'd been fishing around for Christmas ideas for the daughters-in-law, and a book filled with family recipes might just be the ticket. I've definitely moved beyond--and societal-expectations have moved beyond--the flimsy typed pages of recipes I gave my sister when she married 35 years ago. Then again, I may not even make any of those recipes now.

Which brings up the Kay & Kay conundrum: Much as in the film Julie & Julia, which comes out today and which, of course, is NOT playing at our local theater, I think I will feel the need to re-cook and re-bake any recipe I haven't tried in... how long? Two years? Five? Ten? How often do our tastes change?

And what if they're not quote/unquote family favorites? What if I scrawled the date (I always date my recipes) and "we loved" across something torn from a magazine or given me by a friend? What if I've never actually made it, only tasted it? Don't I need to make those?

I foresee a few months of recipe realignment if I'm to carry off this project because the idea of interspersing recipes with family photos is almost mouth-watering.

Oh, and the & symbol is not allowed in a post label, hence the wording.

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