Thursday, August 13, 2009

The making of a recipe book

Having decided that making a family favorites recipe book for my daughters-in-law is a wonderful idea, and knowing full well I should test recipes I haven't made, for whatever reason, in a while, I have come upon the first hitch.

I don't want to make old recipes when the allure of the new is in the morning paper.

To wit: Praline Pound Cake with a sauce that looks, from the recipe, good enough to go it alone. I want to make this new recipe (although truly, how different can it be from dozens of others in my repertoire?) and I want to make it NOW! I've even found an excuse to do so, a Library Board meeting tomorrow morning.

Yum--it is going to be so good! Such excitement in a new recipe!

I may never get this cookbook done.

Signed, Kay, hopeless case where the new recipe is concerned

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