Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My garden enthusiasm goes pfft!

I've fought the good fight since April, when my ambitions always boil over and I plant, plant, plant. But even with a sprinkler system and a mild (relatively speaking since we have had rain) summer, my plants are looking as pooped as I feel.

I've given up on my tomato plants. I used to grow such grand tomatoes, and if I ever wish to do so again, I must rethink my strategy. Selfish things must want their own bed and not to share with the flowers. Last year they did grace me with an abundance of fall green tomatoes which I turned into mincemeat, but this year, that's not looking like such a hot prospect.

I've babied three pot plants, in full circle of a sprinkler head, but still they've laid down on me and died. I will not resurrect them again. Pfft! They're outtahere.

The caladiums are sad, but not dead. No supplemental care for them since they'll either revive for a fall showing or go pfft! themselves. Anyway, they don't return each spring. I'm nicer to things that return.

Such as the lantana. I've actually considered trying to eradicate some it, since it, above all other things, has decided to thrive and overgrow. The same can be said of the mint. I've the sneakiest suspicion that even trying my best, nothing will get rid of these two scourges of the back yard.

Lantana, anyone? I can tie it up with mint.

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