Thursday, July 23, 2009

One missing Ms. Adventure

The end of June I blogged about Two Wet Little Kittens and their sister who stayed calmly in the back yard and watched as they were "watered out" of the carriage of the spouse's pickup truck. In the weeks following she has been the one to approach her breakfast even as I have stood on the back steps watching. She has been the one to roam the back yard while not under her mother's watchful eye. She has held promise of being a keeper-kitty, one who, once spayed and vaccinated, will stay put and catch mice and all sorts of bad critters. I named her Ms. Adventure.

And now she's missing.

I didn't see any of them for several days, then mom-cat showed back up for a free meal. In her wake were the two siblings, but no gray kitty wanting to get into trouble.

For it's trouble she must have found. I haven't seen her since last week and I fear Ms. Adventure has suffered a misadventure. It's a hard life for an outdoor kitty without a formal home and my two spoiled indoor darlings know nothing about it.

I won't give up looking for her, hoping she bounds out from behind a flower pot very soon.

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