Monday, March 02, 2009

Bird feeder delight!

For 20 years or more we've had a bird feeder attached to our breakfast area window. It's been a source of delight as both the cats and the people in the house have honed their observation skills. But over the last few years, the visitors have dwindled to the ho-hum same ol', same ol'. While always welcome, the cardinals, titmice, Carolina chickadees, house finch, and weaver finch (commonly known here as sparrows although they aren't), have become so common that we no longer pay attention. While we've had more glamorous visitors in the past, I feared we'd lost our touch. Only squirrels paid us much more than an glance.

Then, yesterday, something flashed. Something gold. And fast. And small. Could it be a goldfinch? We hadn't seen one in at least 10 years. My friends had flocks of them so I knew they hadn't deserted the area. So, eyes glued to the window (not a pretty picture, but you know what I mean), I set to watching.

Yes, goldfinch. And... someone else. Someone I hadn't seen in a long time and rarely then. I think, a white-throated sparrow. I've yet to get a solid look because he seems to be in the bushes and not on the feeder. And then... one more! A downy woodpecker has graced us. I didn't realize they would frequent feeders, but the books say so. And we know books are never wrong, right?

Just delighted with all the new and old feathered friends. I'm not questioning why they've decided to grace us with their presence, but I'm glad they have.

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