Thursday, May 31, 2007

Your friendly Gas Station TV

So I'm filling up the TrailBlazer in McKinney at the Murphy's which sits in the Wal-Mart parking lot. It's a newish WM with a high tech Murphy's and the price per gallon is about a dime less than in my home territory, so why not. I'd filled up the week before without incident. Either I wasn't paying attention or the service was down, but this time when I exited my car, I was greeted by "Gas Station TV." That is truly how it announced itself.

Surely not. Oh, yes.

I'd seen the little boxes off to the right of the pumps that offer to give your gas a boost for $1.99 and then play commercials when you refuse, but I'd not looked straight over the pump to the large screen and the TV. It was the noon hour, a local Dallas station was on with top headlines, traffic, and weather. All useful things to know when on the road, I suppose, but what do they broadcast after the news? Could it have been that when I was there the previous week Gas Station TV was off rather than show a soap opera?

Now I'm curious, and I'll be back, after one o'clock next week, if only to see what's on the screen. Whether I need gas or not.



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