Thursday, May 24, 2007

Catching up

Tried another Bertolli the other day, this time for lunch. Our Wal-Mart has expanded its offerings so I really have a couple more in the freezer, too. This up: Italian Sausage and Rigatoni (with roasted peppers in a spicy tomato sauce). It was good, although not perhaps the best choice for a warm day. But in the winter, with a salad and crusty bread: winner.

Souper Salad, Allen: 90. Really it should be a little less. Had to walk past the men's room and while it met the other criteria, it was bit unkempt.
Abuelo's Mexican, Plano: 100. Loses 5 for no seat covers, gets 5 back for baby table. The stainless steel decor was good, but a little polish and care on the doors would go a long way to make a nicer appearance.
Dillard's, second floor, Collin Creek Mall, Plano: 105: had a baby changer. Really nice touch: wall of mirrors and chairs to sit. Not comfy chairs, but chairs and space.

Good Morning America announced this morning that the tunic was the must-have item for summer. Oh, fine. I spend last summer losing 15 pounds and this summer I'm supposed to cover up all my good efforts.

Doesn't it figure?

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