Sunday, May 06, 2007

The bathroom rules, revised

After visiting a few public bathrooms over the weekend, I decided I needed to do a slight revision before launching this full bore.

Instead of a steady stream of subtractions, I'm going to change a few to adds. So, the new revised rules:

From 100:
-10 if you walk past the men's room to get to the ladies'
-10 non toilet paper
-10 trashy
-5 one-holer
-5 no paper towels, if paper towels are the only choice of hand drying
-5 air dryer only
-5 no seat protectors
-5 door lock broken
-5 no coat/purse hanger
-5 no soap
+5 baby changing area
+5 auto-flush (and it works)
+5 auto paper towel

Now, let the games begin.

Up to dates: This is post 101! YIKES!
The grandest grandbaby is home from the neonatal intensive care unit after 24 days.

Thank you, Lord.

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