Monday, April 30, 2007

Something I've always wanted to do

Well, I'm sure that got everyone's attention.

Friends and I have talked about it for years, doing a--are you ready for this?--a bathroom survey of the places we "visit" while out and about shopping or traveling or dining.

I think all establishments will start with 100 points and I'll scale down from there. Number one: They lose 10 points if I have to walk past the men's room to get to the ladies'. That's right. I don't think I should have to turn sideways down a narrow hall in order to elude a man coming in or going out of the john.

Next up: Does it look like a member of the staff has been in the toilet in the last day or two? Overflowing trash cans at 10 in the morning do not make me happy. Toilet paper. Seat covers. Paper towels/soap/motion-activated towels/automatic dryers (which I detest: May have to deduct if that's the only option.) One-holer vs. more. As you can tell, this is a work in progress.

I'll post the results as we go along, but in the meantime, to get this started, I'm open to suggestions of what else to add. So, Carrie in New York City, that means email me privately or post your suggestions. I have to approve them because when I didn't I got a spammer--eech!

I tossed him in the closest overflowing trash can!



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