Thursday, April 19, 2007

Goodnight and goodbye, Kitty

While Bookseller Chick bemoaned the death of Kurt Vonnegut last week, I'd like to take today to note the passing of a celebrity of a different sort, Kitty Carlisle Hart. A singer and actress, she was as well known for her charitable work as her stint on To Tell the Truth.

And that's where I, as a child, came to know her. Well, not literally, but everyday in front of the TV. By watching the panel question three contestants, two of whom were faking it and faking it well, I learned some valuable lessons.

1) Beautiful women can think.
2) Thinking women can be gracious.
3) Gracious, beautiful women can hold their own without being abrasive or aggressive.
4) We call them ladies with backbone.

Thank you, Kitty Carlisle Hart, for giving me an excellent role model. Just knowing you are gone from this earth saddens me, but it brings a smile also as I remember.

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