Thursday, April 05, 2007

RVing: It's not what it used to be

It's going to be better.

I'm writing that with a hopeful grin on my face. Over twenty years ago, we bought a used Shasta motorhome, 23 feet long on a Chevy chassis. For five summers we loaded up our two young sons and trekked off to the unknown. We were a turtle, traveling with our home on our backs. I always knew where the clothes were, where the toiletries were, where my beloved pillow was. We had great times, especially when we traveled with friends in their motorhome. We ventured from Maine to the Grand Canyon to Florida and Washington DC.

I recently revisited those times when I took our old VHS tapes and converted them to DVD. And this summer, I get to do it all again.

We are renting a 31-foot motorhome with another couple. They have never RVed and we are 20-year behind-the-times veterans. How behind? Well, I'm the one in charge of reservations and it's a new world out there.

First of all, I bought a Woodall's Guide. Twenty years ago we had successfully blown through two or three in our search for the ultimate campground experience. After a couple of less than happy stays, we developed our personal set of standards: the more diamond-Ws (their rating guide), the better, and less than three, we drove on.

Happily, our route this summer, which will take us through Missouri to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and back home through Kentucky, has lots of diamond-Ws along the way. Also, there are so many options: internet access for example. Wireless in many instances. FREE. I'm in charge of reservations and therefore, I've set a personal set of standards: laundry, pull-thrus (backing up is such a problem), hot showers (free), and internet. I'm hitting about 90% right now. I can make reservations online now for about half the places, view the campgrounds for almost all, even if online reserving isn't available.

So here's your warning: I intend to blog from the highways and byways. Post pictures. Take my reading audience along with us. If it's anything like the last times, it won't be dull.

Stay tuned.

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At 12:26 AM CDT, Anonymous bigbusguy said...

I would like to know the year of the Shata motohome?
I have a 1974 Shasta motorhome and Im looking for any and all photos or info about it.
I hope yours was about the same year.


Bigbusguy at yahoo dot com

At 9:06 AM CDT, Blogger Sisker said...

It was a 78.


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