Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So who's into this now?

About two months ago I pulled down the attic stairs and climbed up. The attic is a place we don't venture to much except at Christmas. There's camping equipment from Boy Scout days, stored in the hopes that the sons will take it up with their children (and invite Granddad along), pictures and framed "artwork" from before we remodeled, and bags of stuffed animals and baby things I deemed, at the time twenty-odd years ago, too precious to toss.

As a grandmother-in-waiting, that's what I was after. I pulled through the plastic and cardboard and retrieved afghans and blankets and a piece or two of non-gender-specific newborn clothing. I washed it all up and made pretty piles on the guest bed. I even found old baby toys and gave them a buff.

My husband humphed. I was really getting into the baby thing, wasn't I?

Like, what should I be doing? Ignoring our first heir?

Nothing else was said. Then the granddaughter (that would be the grandest granddaughter in her paternal grandfather's eyes) appeared almost six weeks early. And you know what? Out of the blue it was decided we didn't have an adequate video camera. Just poof! That's what we needed. Why didn't I pick one up on my way down to see our baby yesterday?

Research aside, this is not a cheap decision. So I researched, chose, bought, presented it to him. Besides the fact that video is not allowed in the intensive care unit, he is quite happy with the new acquisition.

Like, I want to say, who's into this now?

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