Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Armadillo Wars, Part 3a: Running with the Raccoons

Hey--it's us again, One and Two, and do we have a story to tell!

Let me! Let me! I saw him first!

Two, there is no way I'm turning this story over to you.

But it's mine!

No, it's ours.

I saw him first.

You ran into him first. If you'd been watching where you were going...

I saw him first.

Don't pout. It doesn't look good on a raccoon. We have more dignity.

Well, he didn't have any dignity.

You are right there. So let me start.

If you insist.

Yesterday morning, there we are. I'm minding my own business, looking where I'm going on the way back to the tree, when who should dart across my field of vision, since I didn't bump into him...

You are really being rude. You're hurting my feelings.

... who should dart across in front of me, but Cousin Raccoon. From the old neighborhood. Seems he smelled an easy meal of fruit and just sashayed into a trap. Spent the night there, too. Then where's he turned loose?

I know! I know! Here! He's turned loose here! We're got the family back together now!

I cannot believe my luck.

One, was that sarcasm?


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