Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Armadillo Wars, Part 2: The Other Side speaks

So, I have this girlfriend, this hot mama armadillo, Erma. Yeah, I know, Erma Dillo. Classy, right? But we only see each other once a year, being armadillos and liking our privacy and all. So, I run into Erma lately and get off my schedule, y'know?

I'd found this yard, this gated area of landscape happiness with tulips and shrubs and grubs. Lots and lots of grubs. I missed checkin' it out a couple nights--busy with Erma and all, y'know, but then I get back down to business. Dillo's got to keep his strength up, right? Squeeze through that little space in the gate and start lookin' for the tasties. I had to dig deeper and more because, man, it looks like the top of the soil grubs are gone. Guess I ate 'em all, y'know? But it's a big flower bed area, so I ranged a little farther. Then, just for good measure and because I like a little variety in my diet, y'know, I squeezed back through that little gate and went round front. Tasty new flower beds. Didn't have to dig as deep.

Might have to tell Erma about this.


A note from the owner of this blog:

It's war! The trap comes back out and I've already dug his grubs for tonight!


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